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About Us

WESTONE CONSULTANCY GROUP INCORPORATED is a Manpower and Employment Solutions company based in Calgary, Alberta and fully operational with subsidiary offices in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada. The Consultancy Group is managed by highly qualified expert personnel with several years of experience in the Global Market acquiring competent skills to offer manpower recruitment, immigration services and student placement through licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants all across Canada. WCGI offers services ranging from turn-key project implementation in human capital and education placement from recognized Colleges and Universities.

The Consulting Vision

The global entrepreneurial explosion has changed the face of commerce. As the movement continues to surge forward, the global enterprises remain searching for value and quality representation. Every day, we see profitable opportunities and the business aim to meet the demands of the market with applicable resources that aid in the success to position the enterprise in the international market.

The Mission

The Mission and goal of the Company is to pursue a profitable venture and introduce innovation with diligence, a commitment to unsurpassed professionalism, to each and every client no matter the size of the enterprise. The consulting expertise visualizes in business development and focuses to review the trade tools towards a long term venture and viable business.
“We aim to deliver exemplary services to our clients. The “Mission” of the Company is the meaning of the strategy behind the brand”.

Our British Columbia phone number is    (604) 378-9053

Our Ontario phone number is                   (647 ) 548-9059